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Hacienda Sonora Geisha

Lot #: BB 12757

REGION  Central Valley

Farm  Hacienda Sonora

Farmers. Alberto&Diego Guardia

Varietals  GEISHA

Process:  Full Honey

Fermentation  Demucilaged

Drying Method. Patio & Mechanical

Diego writes:
"Our employees pick the ripest cherries and then hand-sort them for optimal ripeness and uniformity. The cherries are soaked in a tank of fresh water and all floaters are removed. After this, we depulp and leave 100% of the mucilage on the parchment. The parchment is then dried on a patio for 9 days, then it is removed and stored for 3 days in our warehouse to stabilize to 14% humidity. After this, it is mechanically dried at low temperatures (36 degrees Celsius) which further stabilizes the parchment. It is then placed back in the warehouse and stored for 2 months before being sent to the dry mill for density, size, and color sorting."

Hacienda Sonora Geisha

227 Grams