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Farm: La Florida

Huila, Colombia

Farmer: Gilberto Rojas

Varietals:  Red & Yellow Colombia

Process: Washed, 24 h cherry fermentation

Altitude:  1650 MASL

Fermentation ; 48 h fermentation in tanks

Drying Method : Parabolic

Drying Time: 25 days





La Florida

Gilberto Rojas has been producing coffee for 40 years and it is on Finca La Florida where he continues to refine his growing and processing methods. In 2015, his coffee earned second place at the Cup of Excellence Competition and he doesn't intend to stop there. This year signals his greatest yield yet, with upgrades in his facilities, a larger workforce to help maintain his level of quality, and the ability to demand a higher price for his quality coffees.

Gilberto Rojas