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Specialty coffee you say

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Tired of commercial grade, do you find it burnt, bitter, astringent?

Do you need to fix your coffee with milk, cream, sugar?

Well then this is right post for you, NO coffee should not taste

Burnt, Bitter, Astringent, Sour, Ashy those are effects of

1 low grade coffee

2 pour roasting practice

3 barista skills

Your cup should be sweet, fruity, balanced. Coffee Trifecta.

Nut, chocolate, floral, herbal, spice, fruit, sweetness are just some of

tasting notes found in certain origin.

It all starts with selecting greens seeds that cup over 80 point

on SCAA scale, next step is roasting to perfection and

finally extracted at your local lovely cafe.

il caffe

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